Rwanda freely vaccinates over 4000 against Viral Hepatitis B

A mega Hepatitis campaign has seen over 4000 Rwandans vaccinated against viral Hepatitis B. The free vaccination took place between 13 -15th December 2016, in the Eastern and Northern provinces of Rwanda Precisely Kayonza and Musanze districts.

The multiple objectives of the campaign and vaccination include; increasing knowledge among the Rwandan population on Hepatitis B and C and showcasing the availability of treatment services in the country, increasing access to preventive services against HBV for those in need through administration of free HBV vaccinations as well as mobilization of key stakeholder to increase efforts in the fight against HBV in all 5 provinces of the country.

The vaccination took place in Northern and Eastern Provinces because the Sero-surveillance on HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis B&C among pregnant women in sentinel sites in Rwanda conducted by RBC in 2011 discovered that the highest prevalence rate of HBV was found in Northern Province, while the second highest prevalence was in the Eastern Province.

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