Ministry of health takes Family Planning interventions to grass root level at the Monthly Community Work (Umuganda)

The ministry of Health through Maternal, Child and Community Health Division of Rwanda Biomedical Center in partnership with its development partners (UNFPA Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) will conduct a communal work on Saturday the 25th February 2017 at each cell countrywide, alongside the routine community work.

The communal Work intends to increase the Family Planning prevalence rate in the reproductive age through sensitizing the population on Family Planning awareness.

The communal work targets women in reproductive age who will attend. During the Umuganda, the population will be sensitized on the importance of Family planning services and the myths surrounding Family Planning utilization while different family planning methods will be provided free of charge. All women not served with conveniently method (permanent method) will be transferred to a Health facility.

The activity will be held at the cell level, supervised by Head of Health centers, coordinated by the Medical Director of Hospitals. A report will be made by the nurses in collaboration with the Community Health Worker supervisor and submitted to the head of Health Center, then to Medical Director and finally to Central level with copy to District.

Though modern contraceptive prevalence rose from 10% to 45% in Rwanda between 2005 and 2010, unmet need for family planning persists at 19%.