Ministry of Health launches Nutrition, Hygiene and Family Planning campaigns in Nyabihu

Ministry of Health through Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) has launched an intense outreach campaign on nutrition, hygiene and modern family planning.

Scheduled for 15 to 26th November, 2016, the campaign will see the entire Nyabihu population educated on key health priorities in a bid to help them live better and healthier lives while reducing malnutrition and stunting among children. This will also be an opportunity to celebrate the Global Hand Washing day and Polio Day.

The campaign also emphasizes early and correct treatment for children with malnutrition signs and increases awareness on reproductive health including family planning, strengthening and promoting hygiene and sanitation practices to reduce infectious diseases and eliminate malnutrition among children under 5 .

The campaign will also promote the 1st 1000days campaign to fight against stunting and malnutrition among children under two years and Anaemia in pregnant women.

Prior to the launch,Hon Minister of Health Dr Diane Gashumba joined Nyabihu residents in different activities  including  cooking demonstrations and construction of kitchen gardens.

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