Israel Ambassador visits blood transfusion services in Rwanda

Israel Ambassador to Rwanda, His Excellence Ron Adam has commended efforts done by the RBC’s National Center for Blood Transfusion in availing safe and adequate blood and blood products to all patients in need.

In a special bid to manifest support to the Rwanda health system and to strengthen civilian relationships between Israel and Rwanda, Ambassador Adam paid a visit to the National Center of Blood Transfusion today December 16, 2019 and toured its premises in Kigali as he was given in-depth details on the status of blood services in Rwanda.
“It is the beginning of what our countries can achieve through civilian cooperation,” said the Ambassador, mentioning other sectors that will benefit from this relationship including ICT and innovation, smart agriculture, management of water etc. “I am here to share Israel’s expertise and knowhow,” he said.

Inaugurated in 1976 as strictly family replacement, Rwanda blood services have evolved to donor recruitment with over 5 regional centres satisfying the blood transfusion need in Rwanda by above 96 per cent.  Achievements include; providing safe and adequate blood through a well-organized, national blood systems as an integral part of the national health-care policy, implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS) which led to Rwanda’s earning of the top-most Step 3 accreditation from Africa Society for Blood Transfusion and ensuring safe blood for all patients by using unmanned drones to transport blood supplies to remote areas.

The modernization and expansion of blood services in Rwanda is a project that still is gaining space. As declared by Dr Sabin Nsanzimana the Director General of RBC some health facilities may start benefiting from blood supplies delivered from Rwanda. “We are considering saving more lives beyond our borders by supplying them with safe blood,” he said. “Blood is about life, life of a nation and that is why we take it very seriously,” he emphasized.

Dr Nsanzimana was echoed by Dr Swaibu Gatare the blood transfusion Division Manager who said that blood safety in Rwanda is priority and that scrutiny is pushed to extreme as of today blood delivered are tested for HIV 1 and 2, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis and a leuco reduction process is made before they are delivered.
His Excellency Ron Adams concluded his visit by giving life-saving blood. “As Jewish people, we rejoice in giving, so donating blood is the climax my visit,” he said.