13 Sept 2019
EVD Community outreach and site visit of the Japanese Ambassador (Rugerero ETC, Petite Barriere and Community outreach)

9 Sept 2019
Launch of the 2nd Generation Health Post (SGHP) project

6 Sept 2019
2019 National Health Research Policy Day: Linking community with research and policy in the Rwanda health sector “ Research from bottom to Up”

2-5 Sept 2019
Re-enforcement of the implementation of the Patient Voice Program implementation

3-7 Dec 2019 ICASA 2019, 7.000 delegates

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The Ministry of Health has put in place medical interventions to give psychological help to genocide trauma victims from the central to community level .[more]

A User-Guide is in place to instruct Rwandans on helping Genocide Trauma Victims in their respective communities[more]

Thousands of health and non-health professionals have been equipped with skills to deal with emotional and trauma crises during the 100 days of genocide commemoration[more]



Rwanda Health Communication Center:Videographer