The Ministry of Health through Rwanda Biomedical centre has launched an intense Indoor Residual Spraying campaign in Nyanza and Huye some of the districts with a high malaria burden in a bid to prevent the disease. Launched on 15th January 2019, the exercise targets to spray over 166,146 households in Nyanza and Huye with insecticide that prevents mosquitos from surviving in the houses.


At the launch, residents were reminded by different officials about Malaria prevention which includes; sleeping under LongLasting Treated Insecticide Nets, closing windows and doors earlier, clearing bushes and stagnant water from around households since the harbor mosquitos. 


Meanwhile, the residents expressed joy over the exercise.

“I am grateful to Rwanda government for such initiatives, Malaria is usually a big problem here but we hope it will decline with this spraying, “ says Donatila Uwimana, Nyanza District Resident.

The Ministry of health has set tremendous ways to end malaria, these include; community case management by Community health workers, free malaria screening and treatment for people in social categories 1 and 2, giving out LongLasting Insecticide Nets to the population while ensuring first time mothers get LLINs. Also different Health Promotion Campaigns teach people about Malaria and how to prevent it.