The Ministry of health and hospitals have just concluded a two days’ retreat aiming at improving health service delivery. The Ministry of Health in collaboration with SPIU/UBUZIMA BURAMBYE, organized the two days’ retreat with the leadership of both central and decentralized levels (hospitals) to discuss on challenges faced and strategies to develop. This retreat will focus on Hospital financial performance, Human Resources (HR) Management and the quality of Service Delivery.  The Ministry of Health has identified a needs to set up hospitals’ performance on health care delivery, Public Financial Management and their impact on the quality of healthcare delivery.

The main objective for the retreat is to bring together the leaders from hospitals and Central level to discuss on real gaps within the health sector and come up with concrete recommendations that will lead for sustainable continuous quality of care to ensure patient centeredness.

Held in Bugesera district from 15-16th January 2019, the retreat  discussed Hospital Performances and service delivery, reflected on the challenges that have a direct impact on implementation of specific programs in Health sector, discussed on key health sector programs for a new orientation and agreed on strategic directions on Maternal, Child &Neonatal, Family Planning, Nutrition, use of data in MCH, FP, Nutrition, Malaria and more.

They also shared concerns and challenges on Financial management, implementation of auditors’ recommendations and updates on the implementation of new structure to have a common understanding on the issues related to the current replacement of the Health sector staff.

The Ministry of health has put in place several ways to improve health service delivery, these include ; banning the use of phones for healthcare providers during working hours, the patient voice- a platform that brings to responsibility both patient and healthcare provider, providing capacity building for healthcare personnel as well as equipping hospitals with the necessary essentials to take care of patients.