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Manuscripts may be rejected after rapid review if they do not comply with the editorial scope, general rules and ethical standards of the bulletin. Non-rejected manuscripts in this first step are sent to at least three reviewers for further evaluation before being accepted or rejected for publication. Under the supervision of the Editor-in-chief, managing editors will manage the peer-review process, assessing the pertinence and relevance of the reviewers, comments regarding methodological soundness, novelty, applicability of results and other research aspects. Accepted manuscripts will be subject to professional copy- editing and final PDF proofing. Final proofs will be sent to authors for final approval. These requirements should be grouped and ready while submitting manuscripts: 

The criteria for authorship are the following:

Any involvement not included in these criteria would be considered as “Contributorship”. 

Before assessment of the authorship declaration, ALL authors must be aware, agree to be listed and to sign the declaration. All authors should also agree that no person who meets the criteria has been omitted, that conflicts of interest are acknowledged were fully declared. The edition has full responsibility and power at any time during the submission process or even after publication to prevent ghost authorship. Other relevant documents related to clinical trials should all be provided. This bulletin uses a double-blind peer review process for the review of submitted manuscripts.


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