RPHB Vol. 4 (4); December 2023

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  1. Foreword

    It is with pleasure to welcome you to the latest issue of the Rwanda Public Health Bulletin, a platform that ... Read More

    Category: Foreword

  2. Protecting Rwanda's Children: Enhancing Malaria Prevention Strategies for Under-Fives

    Despite a decreasing malaria burden in children under 5, it remains a notable health concern in Rwanda due to their vulnerability, ... Read More

    Category: Policy brief

  3. Immunization Saves Lives: Maintaining Good Immunization Coverage To Prevent Potential Outbreaks

    Measles Rubella (MR2) Vaccination coverage in Rwanda decreased from 96% to 84% during the pandemic. The drop in vaccination coverage has led ... Read More

    Category: Policy brief

  4. Taking Action, Saving Our Women: Reducing Cervical Cancer Incidence in Rwanda by Increased Screening and Treating

    Rwanda has a high cervical cancer incidence rate of 28.2/100,000 women Screening rate is low, with only 18% coverage against the target ... Read More

    Category: Policy brief

  5. The role of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Clinical Self- Assessment of Quality of Service Offered to the Patients under Chronic Hemodialysis in Rwanda

    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are quantifiable metrics used in managing patients under hemodialysis and measuring performance in care quality. This ... Read More

    Category: Original Article



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