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Dear Readers,

I wish to express my appreciation to the Rwanda Public Health Bulletin readers for the continuous support in the publication of the bulletin, and I am honored to present to you the 2nd Issue of the Rwanda Public Health Bulletin.

This current issue came when the world and Africa, in particular, is dealing with the Ebola outbreak in the central African region mostly in the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) near its border with Rwanda. The Ebola outbreak was announced by the WHO and later on confirmed by the DRC authorities followed by different reports of outbreak casualties. Rwanda has been until now spared by the disease. The Rwandan health authorities acted rapidly to prevent the outbreak from entering Rwanda through multiple preventive and preparedness strategies. Multilateral meetings and policies were prepared, simulation exercises were organized, and open communications to the general public were carried out for implementing all necessary measures in the prevention of Ebola in Rwanda.

In addition to Ebola outbreak preparedness, herein, you will also find different topics discussing the need for policy reports on different subjects relevant to public health in Rwanda. There is still a gap in the dissemination of reports, commentaries, and opinions related to health data and health management. This issue tackles most of those discussions with the intention to communicate with public health experts on the necessity of interventions and awareness campaigns on different topics on health in Rwanda.

This issue comes with innovations and better visibility of the bulletin. The submission of reports and articles and their publications are directly available online through our website: www.rwandapublichealthbulletin. org including instructions on submissions of your manuscripts. Therefore, I make a call to all of our readers, public health experts, and all healthcare professionals on the need to develop and support the publication of health data and health management discussions to address public health awareness in Rwanda.


I wish you a very pleasant reading.


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