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Dear Readers, 


I take this opportunity to thank you all, particularly health care workers on the frontline, for your collaboration in the fight against COVID-19 to keep Rwandans safe. 

I would like to assure Rwanda Public Health Bulletin readers that since the declaration of the outbreak in China in December 2019, Rwanda developed mitigation strategies and established standard operating procedures to prepare and respond to COVID-19. Rwanda activated its procedures in March 2020 when the country registered its COVID-19 index case. A special task force team of public health experts is now in place at the central level with well-established entities and trained responders across the country. The national reference laboratory is equipped with needed software and hardware supports and machines to test for COVID-19 disease.

Based on the global situation, however, it appears that the fight against COVID-19 is likely to continue for months, if not years. It is therefore very critical that authentic and evidence-based information is shared to health care workers and the entire general population from credible sources, such as the Rwanda Public Health Bulletin. This will allow Rwanda’s task force to concentrate their efforts on actual response activities and not scatter energy on addressing rumors and reinforcing prevention measures to the overall population. This issue provides detailed information on the COVID-19 pandemic, preventive and response measures available in the country.  

As you read this RPHB 2 (1) issue, I would like to encourage that you share information or your scientific pieces of work on this platform, especially during this period when less is known about the disease we are addressing.


Together, we shall overcome COVID-19.



By: Dr. Nsanzimana Sabin

Category: Foreword

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