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Dear Readers,

I take this opportunity to thank the readers of the Rwanda Public Health Bulletin (RPHB) for the support of the continuous publication of the bulletin.

I would like to assure RPHB readers that since the declaration of the outbreak in China in December 2019, Rwanda developed mitigation strategies and established policies and protocols to respond to COVID-19. While implementing the prevention measures in effort to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, Rwanda has been evaluating the progress and closely following up with the updates on the COVID-19 management as the new data emerge and prevention measures are implemented locally.

According to both WHO and Johns Hopkins’ Coronavirus Resource Centre, Rwanda was listed among very few countries with COVID-19 reliable testing, tracing and effective management. Rwanda’s progress has gained trust from the European Union which listed Rwanda among the 15 countries whose citizens are allowed to travel to Europe as it opens up its borders.

As the fight against COVID-19 continues, it is very critical that authentic and evidence-based information is accessible to healthcare workers and the entire general population. The RPHB is one of the credible sources with a mission to disseminate the reliable and accurate information to all healthcare professionals and general population. This allows Rwanda’s task force to concentrate their efforts on actual response activities and not scatter energy on addressing rumors, therefore reinforcing prevention measures to the overall population.

This issue provides updates on the COVID-19, preventive and response measures, updated knowledge and progress on vaccine and cure development as well as the use of technology in the management of COVID-19 in Rwanda and the effect of COVID-19 lockdown.

As you read the bulletin, I would like to encourage you to share information with your colleagues and keep fully engaged in the fight against COVID-19 as it continues to claim lives worldwide.

Stay healthy and safe.


By: Dr. Nsanzimana Sabin

Category: Foreword

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