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Dear Readers,

I take this opportunity to thank the readers of the Rwanda Public Health Bulletin (RPHB) for the continuous support in the publication of the bulletin.
The world has been through constant public health alert with multiple interventions to limit the rapid progress of COVID-19, the organization of treatment sites and case management of COVID-19, and the implementation of strategies and policies to contain and prevent the disease. In addition, Africa is recording the 3rd wave of the rise of COVID-19 cases with an increasing impact of lockdown measures on the economy.
In Rwanda, the pandemic is getting more stabilized with fewer new cases, and locally contained outbreaks in some parts of the country are under control for disease progression. We appreciate all health professionals'efforts, the dynamic institutionalization of the management of this pandemic across the treatment sites, and the sacrifices of frontline clinicians and public health experts. We commend their contributions to the fight against COVID-19, and we assure the continuous support from the Rwandan government agencies and our partners in the health sector.
In this issue, you will get updates on the pandemic's current status and the progress of vaccination campaigns against COVID-19 in Rwanda. I believe the information transmitted will be resourceful to your works, and reinforce your endeavor to support the fight against COVID-19.
I would like to encourage you to share relevant data and information related to public health issues and keep fully engaged in the fight against COVID-19 as it continues claiming more lives worldwide.

Together, we shall overcome COVID-19.

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