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Dear Readers,

I take this opportunity to thank the readers of the Rwanda Public Health Bulletin (RPHB) for the continuous
support in the publication of the bulletin.

Antimicrobial resistance is an urgent global public health threat, leading to millions of deaths and affecting
all people at any stage of life. Resistance to one of the antibiotics can result in serious problems, such
as using other potent antibiotics with more adverse effects and more expensive, affecting the patients’
economic well-being and added costs from adverse effects. Treating other conditions in the hospital needs
infection control, and antibiotic resistance threatens successful outcomes of life-threatening conditions,
such as diabetes, cancers, etc.

Rwanda is one of the resource-limited countries with high rates of antimicrobial resistance, increasing
the disease burden to already strained healthcare systems. However, there are still some limitations in
antimicrobial resistance surveillance, awareness, and prevention, highlighting the urgent need to take action
against this serious public health threat.

This RPHB issue focus on antibiotic resistance, including articles on one health approach to combat
antibiotic resistance and antibiotic prescription appropriateness. You will also learn about diet and fluorosis-
related stigma and stroke awareness policy brief in this issue.
We believe the information transmitted will be resourceful, reinforcing your endeavor to preventive
measures for health promotion in Rwanda and worldwide in general.

Let’s get efforts together for a better quality of life.

Prof. Claude Mambo Muvunyi, PhD
Editor-In-Chief -The Rwanda Public Health Bulltin (RPHB)
Director General- The Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC)

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