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Dear Readers,
I take this opportunity to thank readers of the Rwanda Public Health Bulletin (RPHB) for your support and
continuous interest in the bulletin's content.
This issue comes out in a period where Rwanda is progressively recovering from the COVID-19 crisis. This
is evidenced by the decrease in incidence and prevalence with high recovery rates.
Nevertheless, I believe the effect and impacts of COVID-19 might be evident for a long period during and
post-COVID-19. For instance, COVID-19 will inevitably leave behind strong effects on mental health.
Rwanda and the world in general will have to implement coping strategies to accomodate such impacts.
In this issue, you will read about the impact of COVID-19 on mental health in Rwanda on broader
perspective as well as an update on the global pandemic trend. You will also find content on other health
subjects other than COVID. This issue features the acceptability of family planning, maternal and child
As the country is still fighting the pandemic, other public health problems were not forgotten and the RPHB
has considered them alongside COVID-19 in this publication.
This issue highlights: Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health in Rwanda, the current global trend of
COVID-19 pandemic, the use of immediate postpartum family planning at Kacyiru hospital, improving
post-delivery complications and quality of birth practice in district hospitals in Rwanda and Prevention of
Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV in Karongi District, Rwanda.
I would like to call for your support to the RPHB by submitting your works to the bulletin.
Stay healthy and safe.

By: Dr. Sabin Nsanzimana

Category: Foreword

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