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Dear Colleagues,
I’m pleased to present you the third issue of the Rwanda Public Health Bulletin (RPHB).
As the second wave of COVID-19 is on continuous rise globally, Rwanda has eased restrictions as it
experienced the decrease in new cases and continues to closely evaluate the progress and follow up with the
updates on the COVID-19 to take necessary measures.
As measures put in place by the Rwandan government were effective in the fight against the pandemic,
Rwanda continues to ease restrictions and has resumed activities while keeping some prevention measures.
In the efforts to contain the pandemic, Rwanda remains working with different organizations worldwide to
keep up with the updated and effective management in the fight against COVID-19.
Public health professionals and healthcare workers are encouraged to be constantly informed on the current
progress and latest updates on scientifically approved treatment options and prevention measures. While
dealing with COVID-19 impacts, healthcare professions are urged to consider other public health issues.
They have to stay updated as the country stabilizes the progression of the pandemic while waiting for the
development of the vaccine.
As you read this issue, I would like to note that solidarity and collaboration will enable us to effectively
respond to this pandemic.
I wish you a pleasant reading.

By: Prof. Leon Mutesa

Category: Editorial

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